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Looking for The Niuhi Shark Saga? The original editions are no longer in print. However, newly revised editions are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers. The new editions are have black covers with Hawaiian-style tattoos.

One Boy, No Water: ISBN-10: 1535411872, ISBN-13: 978-1535411875

One Shark, No Swim: ISBN-10: 1535413409, ISBN-13: 978-1535413404

One Truth, No Lie: ISBN-10: 1535413557, ISBN-13: 978-1535413558

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Ever wonder what happened the day Uncle Kahana and Ilima found Zader at Piko Point? Here’s how Zader became part of the Westin ohana. There are two version of the story in the same eBook–one full of Pidgin and the other in standard English.

Available from Amazon.



3 Responses to New Novella: Birth: Zader’s Story

  • I am trying to locate 14 copies of “One Boy, No Water” for a class reading (Nene Award project). Both Barnes & Noble and Amazon are not showing copies.

    Please provide publisher information so I can attempt to order directly.

    We are a small, private, Buddhist-based school in Honolulu, Hawaii.

    • Aloha e Lori,
      The books are available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Please see the ISBNs and links above and in the menu in the column to the right. Mahalo!
      Aunty Lehua

  • Aloha Aunty Lehua,

    I am a Middle School English teacher at Damien Memorial School. This year I chose your book One Boy, No Water as a required 3rd quarter reading novel for my 7th graders. A great majority of them finished your book, and loved it, before I even set a due date. We are on chapter 10; however, many of them have finished the book. I did inform them that it is a trilogy so they are excited.

    My inquiry is about the availability of the book. Many of my students, myself included had a difficult time purchasing your book, One Boy, No Water. I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me where I can purchase these books because I would love to continue keeping it on my curriculum for the 2017-2018 school year. I myself would like to purchase a copy since I am borrowing a copy form our library.

    Many parents had a difficult time getting the book, and in fact our local Barnes and Noble said it was out of stock and it has to be special ordered. I want to keep this novel in my curriculum and I will need to turn in my book list for next year by March 2017. If you could PLEASE direct me to a site, a publishing company, or a vendor who can provide me with information, I would TRULY, GREATLY appreciate your assistance. And as I said, I really want to order a copy for myself as well.

    One of my students just ordered the book online and it will take 3 weeks to get here, and he had great trouble even ordering ONE copy. The shipping cost him 1/2 the book, and all the sites that our counselors went on said this novel is OUT OF STOCK.

    I hope you can provide me with some information soon. WE LOVE the book, the lessons the book is providing, and Zader and the other characters!

    Aloha, Gayle Pai 2.17.17

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Living like a fish
out of water.



Because even out of the water,
you're not safe.


One Truth, No Lie

When your greatest fear
walks the shore.