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LUTE Conference: Feb. 17 – 19, Provo, UT
PEAU Book Club: TBD, reading Va: Stories by Women of the Moana
UELMA Conference: Mar. 10, Ogden, UT
–#RealRep: The Power of Authentic Representation
–Write On! Hosting Awesome Author Visits
Brighton High School: March 31st
Writing Workshop for Peoples of the Pacific class
Wai ‘anae Intermediate Career Day: Apr. 8, online
Words@Manoa Creative Writing Conference: Apr. 9, online
–Hihi’o: Immersive Writing
Punahou Talk Story: May 17th & 18th, online
ʻŌlelo Kānaka Talk/Write Story: May 21st, Salt Lake City, UT
PEAU Lit Writing Workshop: starting TBD 2022
Storymakers: May 12 -14th, Provo, UT
MHA Conference: June 2 – 4th, Logan, UT
–More than Skin Deep
FANX, Salt Lake City, UT: Sept. 22-24th, 2022
20BooksVegas, Las Vegas, NV: Nov. 13-18, 2022
Superstars Writing Seminars: Feb 7-12, 2023, Colorado Springs, CO

Here’s a preview of the cover of a new work in progress called Birth/Hanau. Ever wonder what really happened the day Uncle Kahana and ‘Ilima found Zader on the reef at Piko Point? How did Zader become part of the Westin ‘Ohana? This novella answers those questions and more. In this book, the same story is told twice–once in Standard American English and once with a lot of Hawaiian and Pidgin mixed in with the English. It’s an experiment and story that I hope you’ll enjoy. It’s coming soon–more details when I know ’em.

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When you're allergic to water,
growing up in Hawaii isn't
always paradise.

With Niuhi sharks,
even out of the water,
you're not safe.

Everything you thought you
knew about Zader is a lie.