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American Prep Academy, West Valley, UT: Jan. 10, 2019

Big Island Workshops: Feb. 22 – Mar. 1, 2019

Feb. 22: Kahakai Elementary, Kailua-Kona
Feb. 25 – Mar. 1: The Kamehameha Schools, Kea’au
Feb. 27: Ke Kula ‘o Nāwahīokalaniʻōpuʻu, Kea’au
Feb. 27: ‘Ohana Story Night,  5 pm, The Kamehameha Schools, Kea’au
Mar. 1: Ka ʻUmeke Kāʻeo PCS, Hilo
Mar. 1: Literacy Night, 5:45 pm,  Kahakai Elementary, Kailua-Kona, 5:45 pm
Mar. 2: Basically Books, Hilo, 1 pm Book Signing


FanX Salt Lake City, Utah: April 19-20, 2019

Storymakers Conference, Provo, UT: May 9-11, 2019

20Books Vegas Conference, NV: Nov. 11-15, 2019

Here’s a preview of the cover of a new work in progress called Birth/Hanau. Ever wonder what really happened the day Uncle Kahana and ‘Ilima found Zader on the reef at Piko Point? How did Zader become part of the Westin ‘Ohana? This novella answers those questions and more. In this book, the same story is told twice–once in Standard American English and once with a lot of Hawaiian and Pidgin mixed in with the English. It’s an experiment and story that I hope you’ll enjoy. It’s coming soon–more details when I know ’em.

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